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SavvyChef was featured in London City Life Magazine Recently Click here to check out the article.


Black Truffle Salt

Savvy customers know that mass-produced products often sacrifice quality for shelf life and manufacturing efficiencies.  That’s not our way. Small-batch, handmade mustards and salts that are tasted and tested every step of the way, until we reach a product that we’re proud to call our own.  Savvy Chef: a uniquely Canadian product, made in Canada with top-quality Canadian ingredients; where the slow part of slow food is done by us and the enjoyment is all yours!

Here at Savvy Chef we want the best for you.  We know you like to eat foods that are healthy and we also know that your mouth wants to eat foods that taste great.  So we put our brains and taste buds together to create a range of foods that  bring the joy back to your dinner table without adding any preservatives, artificial flavour, colour or anything else you don’t want to be eating.  And we do it all without adding loads of calories and sodium.  We do it because we can and because you deserve it!  So check out our versatile lines of mustard and salts and sign up for our newsletter to get recipe ideas and bring the flavour back to your dinner table.

Already a Savvy fan?  Post your recipes on our mustard or salt pages – we love to hear how we’ve inspired your table!